Ecosustainethical Journey began with this Video by Nghia Ton

My Ecosustainethical Journey

Over the last few years I've been researching and learning about Ecological, Sustainability & Ethical Integrity in Design. So here is a little video that helped me begin. Why fashion and sustainability? Professor Dilys Williams who is the Director of the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, and Lead Educator for this course. In this short film Dilys introduces and discusses fashion design for sustainability, and highlights some of the key principles and global challenges that we currently face.

Posted by Nghia Ton Designs on Friday, 13 April 2018

Consumer responsibility by Nghia Ton

Fashion brands and retailers often say that what they do is a response to what ‘the consumer’ demands. ‘They’ service ‘our’ needs and desires for style, price and the latest trends. Because ‘we’ get what ‘we’ demand, ‘we’ are responsible for all that is good, bad and ugly in the fashion industry. So, when we find out that we are benefiting from other people’s exploitation, as ‘consumers’ we are responsible both for that exploitation and for doing something about it.

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