Daylily Scarf

The Daylily Scarves is an exclusive design for the Toxteth Women's Centre in Liverpool.

I started speaking to Felicity Dobrushi about the work they do, and couldn't help but be thankful that there is a charity like this. She explained how they wanted to let God's love show the women they work with that they are greatly valued and through workshops and classes. These are aimed to help these multicultural women in their personally development which is compatible and sensitive to their cultural context.

So with this in mind I set out to design a print that communicates and reflects the nature of all the great work that this charity strives to achieve. The Daylily is a celebration of strength in it's fleeting blooms. They produce many flowers with each only flowering for one day. For me it's a poignant reflection of God's loving grace given to us, which helps us to flourish however long or short our days may be.

The floral print is created using both hand and digitally painted daylilies and set on Princess Blue (one of @pantone Spring/Summer 2019 colours)

Dimensions: 150cm x 68cm (this is smaller than the promotional photo samples)

They are £25 and the money will go towards supporting a brilliant charity.

The scarves are printed by in Nottingham, designed and sewn by me using 100% organic cotton thread by & packaged in recycled plastic by

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